What your guilty pleasure can teach you

Our brains do wonderful things. They can talk us into and out of anything if we think about it long enough. Especially if there is an immediate emotional reward. So sometimes we make a purchase because the brand is popular or has a cool advert on TV not really because its the best product for us. We buy something because it looks so inviting in the store but we don’t really have money for that.ย 

We know this dog's guilty pleasure :P

We know this dog’s guilty pleasure ๐Ÿ˜›

Don’t you just love how after you indulge in your guilty pleasure you suddenly become a lawyer though – you have all these logical reasons why you ate that piece of cake, bought that expensive pair of shoes, etc.ย ย 

Well in this post I want to share about how you can use your guilty pleasure for your own good.

Since we like to believe that we are smart and reasonable our brains end up trying to convince us that our emotional decisions and purchases were the right thing to do. This phenomenon is called post-purchase rationalization and is based onย the principle of commitment- you take an expensive but emotional action then back it up logically because you don’t want to believe that you are an irrational person.

How I make this work for me.

I’ve always wanted to be more serious about my fitness but I can sort of get away with it because I am slim and I could easily make excuses for not working out- time, weather and what have you.

This fall I have been so much more consistent with my schedule because I made a commitment by getting a gym membership. Now no matter how crazy my schedule is I will make time to go to the gym because I don’t want my money to go to waste.ย  My brain has registered this expensive investment and now I have to convince myself that it is worth it by getting my money’s worth- so I have pretty much made my long term goal a guilty pleasure.

It may seem scary to invest in yourself especially when you don’t have any results yet BUT that is exactly why it works because you are making a strong emotional commitment that then gives you a strong reason to follow through.

How to make it work for you and accelerate your results

You want to use the guilty pleasure principle for your long term goal so;

You can make an emotional investment– by sacrificing your time, or travelling far to get mentored in your area of choice or passion. You can also give up something you hold extremely dear to achieve a goal and that way you raise the bar for yourself.

You can make a financial investment– instead of paying for free stuff, if you really want to improve your consistency and your skills in a particular area you can commit to a paid program because then you are more likely to do the work. That’s why paid university courses tend to have more students that follow through than free readily accessible university courses.

Its a different way to think; but its definitely the way successful people think.

So tell me, what can you do right now to raise the bar for yourself so that you get a bigger prize in the nearest future?

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  1. Ebele, you are very analytical and that’s awesome. I can relate to a lot in this post! Also, thanks for the tips. ๐Ÿ™‚

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