There is a story inside of you

There is a story inside of you. You don’t need me to tell you that, of course. You know those restless meanderings of your mind.

The story inside of you is a big story- that connects with you really are. But it is also so much more than you and that’s why its perfect for you.

It reminds me of the first game console I actually enjoyed playing; the new Nintendo 64 that our uncle had his driver drop off as a surprise gift, with a Super Mario cartridge to go along with it. With all the buttons you had to maneuver those Street Fighter cartridges didn’t do it for me. As for the Super Mario on N64, it was love at first sight for I, my brothers and my cousin. My sister was too young to understand anything but even she got excited off our energy. We wanted to save the mysterious princess and every clue led us to her. We wanted to be heroes, and it was even more exciting to do it together.

Sounds familiar? The stories that have captivated us for ages look a lot like that story too: ordinary person achieves great feats against equally great odds.

Why does something in us yearn to be a part of these kinds of stories? To what extent does this reflect the heroic story inside of each one of us?



Here’s the problem though- in real life it is more of a struggle to embrace those vital elements of the story- like the themes, voice, conflict, dialogue, setting.

We fight the ordinary even though it is the everyday actions, thoughts and dialogues of the storybook hero that reveals their character to us.

We fight our present place in time and space though it is what frames our story.

We fight our uniqueness; measuring ourselves by someone else’s yardstick. Yet even a second exact version of a bestseller would be useless.

We fight those recurring themes that come up in our lives, because they are the scariest to explore and maybe embrace.

Of course we fight the conflict too, the twists and turns that make great stories. Why should life take us by surprise?

I’d love to read an intense story. I want to hold my breath and pore through its pages late into the night. Even better I want to live an awesome story. BUT I often want it on my own terms. A predictable plot, with everything unfolding in my own time and on my own terms. I want to know chapter 2 before I close chapter 1, because what if chapter 2 wasn’t all that?

After we got to the end of Super Mario it was anticlimactic.

Once Mario found the princess, sure she kissed him but then the game was over. Here was all this excitement we stored up. Now the game was over we’d have no game to play for a while.

What was the fun in it then except the thrill of the journey, the loops and turns? What was the fun in it if not having mum call us to come for dinner severally while we stayed stuck to the control sticks, pretending not to hear? It was the journey that was the point after all.

How would you approach your story if you knew that every twist would make it more worth it? Would you be nicer to yourself if you knew that your uniqueness makes your story one of a kind? What if you knew that your ‘mundane’ every day life was unfolding your character in this story?

Most of all don’t miss the best part of it all- this journey, right now that we share.

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  2. Thanks for the empowering post! Far too many people try to live someone else’s story rather than finding and living there own. To all of us being our own bestseller 🙂

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