Bridging my vision, communication and actions



There is a certain power of execution that comes when we risk being clear about what we truly want. It helps one know what they do not want, makes you intentional and formidable. It also creates vulnerability since having become clear about you want you expose yourself to the fear of it not happening. Sometimes the gap between your hopes and reality can feel like spinning gold out of straw.

Yet, once the vision is clear and I know that I will not be able to forgive myself for going back on it, the only option is to align my actions, time and investments to match what I see in my mind’s eye. There will only then be two options – the vulnerability of going after what I want, or security which also comes with a conflicted and not quite fulfilled self.

The difficulty becomes when I am one foot in and one foot out, when for a second I nurture my vision and for another second I try to adapt myself to fit what I think I should want, what everyone around me is doing, what is safe, or my own internalized societal yardstick.

When this happens, there will be a misalignment between my intentions and my current state or my communication. I tend to tell from a conflict I feel within myself. I realize now that this is an internal gps of some sort, my internalized vision, my wisdom trying to take me back on course.

Getting back on course often means ending old things to begin new ones, and pruning – from pruning projects, relationships, my use of my time etc. Sometimes to get back on course I need to grow my will power to actually act on what I see, or I need to grow relationships that empower me, or grow my confidence in/tenderness with myself so I don’t keep looking back so often and I can actually let what I am articulating and doing reflect my truest intention.

Once I get on this train though then there is positive reinforcement. Seeing how powerful your vision can be once actualized, you are incentivised to keep nurturing your imagination on even bigger scales. One small success gives you emotional, mental, spiritual leverage to grow even bigger things. And this gives you the confidence and strength of will to align your actions and your communication with this vision/intention.

More and more, I am learning the importance of bridging the gap between my intentions, and my actions and communications as much as possible to make sure they serve my imagination, the visions I am most passionate about, and the woman I hope to be.  It can be difficult but still is one of my preferred states because when I do this, I get in touch with my innate power.


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