It is hard until it is easy



One day you learn to trust yourself 

Or how to style your hair

Or to be clear about your needs

You learn to write

To tell which is your right hand and which is your left

To speak a language

To go after a dream

To love someone

To change your style

To be the new student/worker/resident

To speak to audiences

To play an instrument

To play a sport

To take a risk

To let go of something

To let in something

To solve an equation

To be hurt without it affecting your self worth

To befriend your pain, enter the darkness, trust the process and come out transformed

To not be so hard on yourself

To share your work with others

To make new friends

To adapt to a different culture

To use a map

To change your mind

To change your plans

To forgive someone 

To forgive yourself

To start over

Have you ever tried any of these things? I remember trying each of them for the first couple of times and how I thought they were the end of the world. They were weird for a while, embarrassing, lonely, frustrating. Then they got only a little better, but were still mostly hard. Then one day they weren’t so hard anymore. One day even if I was scared to try each one it didn’t paralyze me any more. One day even if it was hard I knew I could do it because I had done it before. I had been through the roller coaster before.

I had integrated these acts into my self-concept, I had developed the skills to cope with them, learnt a few tricks to do them better next time and one day I knew these big challenges might shake me, but not so much as to completely floor me.

So it makes one question what it means for something to be hard. Surely you have done many hard things and forgotten they were hard. For example, you didn’t speak English from the womb. You learnt it at some point. You didn’t always write or read or type, did you? And so many other things. You probably awkwardly edged your way into the attributes you now consider natural, comfortable, authentically you.

You’ve come a long way, and you can do it again. It will be hard again, the struggle will be real again, you may cry again, and then it will become easy.

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