Committing to 2017


Happy New Year!

Last year was one of my really good years. 2016 felt like the culmination of a lot of hard work, self discovery, personal growth, failure and learning. I created my happiness on purpose which also involved prioritizing sharing experiences with many loved ones and I learned to trust in my resilience when I faced challenges.

 I am happy to share with you that I finally got my doctorate. For me it wasn’t just about the academic qualification. I looked back at my journey since moving to the States in Fall 2013 parts of which were tumultous on so many levels. That milestone was also about the woman I have become, which I feel a lot of gratitude for. I felt more relieved than thrilled when I defended and submitted the work, but last week when I was notified to pick up my certificate, something about seeing my name in a beautiful gold and black certificate finally hit me. I was done! I danced in the registrar’s office.

From one adventure to the next isn’t it? This year for me is about commitment. It was inspired by reading this post and thinking about what I wanted my 2017 to stand for. 2016 for me was about creating my own happiness on purpose. 2017 will be about being commitment/discipline, those not so fun words that lead us to the fun part. Commitment requires making a decision, which is a very powerful thing.

After making the decision we then need to set up the ways we will reach that goal. The next step becomes our systems, designing them thoughtfully and making them work for us. They will need to be mission consistent and imbued with our values so that they serve us rather than we serving them. We will need to plan to stay accountable, and set the little goals which compound to yield the big achievement. We will need to build our mental stamina and create the ecosystem to support those dreams be it people, places, books etc.

No matter how inspirational the Nobel prize acceptance speech is, the road there was probably a journey in perseverance despite setbacks. Leading up to and after the transcendent church service, or the concert that rocked your world, someone went behind the scenes and cleaned up and set up again. The group vacation of a lifetime took some planning. The awesome talk that gave you goosebumps probably took lots of revision and lots of technicians working behind the scenes to create the highest quality delivery. Commitment and those little daily (boring) routines are needed to get to the peak of our goals. And that is what I hope my 2017 will be about.

I wrote a journal to support you (and myself) in courageously sharing our gifts. Consider getting it by clicking here. I hope you will find it valuable.
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