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What makes a tree? What makes the sunrise and sunset? What makes a sentient being? What makes an ecosystem? What makes a civilisation? So many of the complex events, things, beings (such as ourselves) are rather simple at heart. It is many simple laws, many simple (even largely predictable) systems, working together on a large scale (with regard to size, time, components, scales and states) that eventually lead to a very dynamic and complex thing, like an intelligent human being.

Think of the philosopher or the poet. They first start by learning language and inferring human behaviour and the natural and inner world. Then they not only learn to observe but to remember, and comprehend. They learn to put together the basic rules of language and with practice come closer to doing it at the speed of thought. They widen their vocabulary. They strengthen their thought processes. They revise and improve. One day, a very intelligent thinker, writer and orator emerges.

Think of the mathematician or the physicist or the engineer. Even an innate proclivity will not save you from having to apply yourself. Like every other child they learn to count, then to add and subtract and multiply and divide. They learn simple algebra. Then they learn very complex algebra. They learn calculus and geometry and statistics. They move from applying them to static incidents to dynamic incidents with multiple dimensions and involving multiple forms of energy. They start to do incredible things.

You could apply the same to the business. A simple person starts by solving a simple problem. They work hard at it. They learn how to price, how to negotiate, how to deliver what their clients want. They learn where the field is going and how to better meet the needs of their clients by meeting enough needs. They improve and grow their brand and the quality of their offering. They touch more deeply on the desires of their audience. Over time, an entrepreneur emerges who seems like an encyclopedia of the field, one who can touch on the pulse of its future and maybe even becomes a big part of its pulse.

Think of the big societal issue. It probably started with a simple problem that got out of hand, say a systematic deprivation. Throw in fear and hate mongering. Throw in a lack of educational and financial investments. Punish the problem at the basic level instead of attack it at the root cause. Do this over time. You’ll have a full-blown  and treacherous problem.

If we can break things down to their simple parts, we can see them for what they are. That way, they may still be hard but not harder than they need to be. Break the big problem you are trying to solve – it could be in yourself or in your world or even both. Understand the heart of it- where it really stems from, what would be the best way to tackle the key challenges at the bottom of it all. Attack it multiple levels in rather than at the surface. Break down the big dream into the few buckets of simple things you need to be consistent about. It won’t be so intimidating after all. Now you can proceed in a focused way, while reflecting on your means and end and if they can be improved. As you grow, your influence, impact and your insight will grow as well.

Before you know it, the insurmountable goal moves.

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