Everything good will come.

That’s the name of a novel by Sefi Atta that I enjoyed. I think of that line from time to time.

Everything good will come.

When you’ve died and still come to life, when you’ve seen dreary winters in your life turn into a spring that grows flowers, you start to believe that.

Last year was an act of courage. Every year is but last year was in new ways. Everything was summoning courage – moving countries yet again, quoting clients, sending proposals, meeting after meeting, checking the bank account every month. In the midst of that were little gifts that made one keep going – a deal work out,  coincidences that opened new opportunities, love that truly and thoroughly supports you, and derives joy from you standing in your light.

This year is starting off a little smoother. It seems the seeds planted last year are rising above the ground gradually. I had a year to test and refine so my strategies are more productive. My scientific papers are finding a home as well as my creative work. Collaborations are building up, and I see my insight on the topics I work on grow exponentially just by being immersed in it all. It is fulfilling. I am more confident in what I have to bring and in the fact that what I know is enough. I don’t see the complete picture but the journey seems worthwhile these days.

My word for the year is – agency – owning my power to change the things I can. Trying to reframe my perspective so that I am a creator not a victim of circumstance. Handling what is in my control and knowing what is not. Believing my hype – I have worked too hard to be held back by impostor syndrome.

All that lovely stuff said – I already found myself struggling at this word for the year. I found myself in a funk from being sick then recovering to face a pile of work waiting for me. But maybe I needed this to remind me that it need not be a drill sergeant or fake positive agency.

I’m going with a disciplined and graceful agency – a firm hand with my thoughts and yet grace because I am a human. A firm hand with my goals and deadlines and some grace to say that’s enough for today. A firm hand that sets sights on the horizon and some grace to enjoy today. Not the agency that acts like the world will be full of roses but one that thinks it is in my power to plant one rose bush right here.

These days I am having more confidence that my seeds will grow. I am having more faith that I can just stay in my lane and keep at it. I am more graceful – keeping my destination in view while being experimental with my means.

Everything good will come. I hope it is feeling that way for you too.

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2 thoughts on “Everything good will come.

  1. Great Post as usual. Sending you lots of good vibes and encouragement. In those moments that feel uncertain, remember “You are Alive” and you can always bounce back and continue the journey!

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