Recent Work / Media Features

Below are a few places my work has been published or featured. It should help you know more about me.

I wrote a journal to support you (and myself) in courageously sharing our gifts. Consider getting it by clicking here. I hope you will find it valuable.

City People, a photo-essay

I wrote this journal, Courage and Clarity

2 Micros in The Offing

How Mobile Penetration Is Increasing Access to Healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa

Freudian Slip, a short story

A short story – A woman with a broken mind

Interview in Saraba Magazine about my fiction

Questions, a poem

Ekwensu, a poem

“Last Word” in the University of Waterloo Alumni Magazine

An interview with Illuminessence magazine 

29 Steps, a short story

An interview on my writing life

A Quest to interview 365 strangers (on the story behind this blog)

“Closure”, a poem in Brittle Paper

“This may not be love” a poem in Brittle Paper

“Going West”. A Short Story In The 11th edition of the Stockholm Review of Literature

Health And Equity Must Be Central to the Africa Rising Narrative

What Liberation Technology Can Learn From Historical Movements

Today is the Day We Live: A Profile of Willa Dallard, a Black Pioneer Settler in Saskatchewan

Where Tech Culture Meets Healthcare: Chronic Disease and The Promise of New Interventions

 I was invited to ask a question at What if? Las Vegas. Check out my question.

Here I explored the connection between Seattle and Lagos

Black History Part II. A story in the winter 2015 issue of “Folklore” magazine tracing the migration of people of African descent from The United States to the Canadian Prairies in search of freedom.

” Not Perfect but Heroic:  Humanizing our heroes” (A Black History Month Piece for On Being) 

Finding the courage to change your world with Ebele Mogo- an interview with Express Success Radio

SaharaTV featured me on my story, growing up and starting Engage Africa Foundation

University of Waterloo Young Alumni Award For the Faculty of Science

Reflections on identity, and returning to the city with fresh eyes- in Inter-Artive, a platform for contemporary art and thought

On my work in pre-empting the spread of Ebola

 On ‘Keeping it Real with Adeola’.  Click 17.05 for me 

On ‘Blurred Creations’

Interview with Revampiece or Why I want to be a white tiger 🙂 

The Human Touch Volume 7 (2014): A Journal of Poetry, Prose and Visual Arts. University of Colorado Center for BioEthics and Humanities.

Innerpreneur Spotlight at Rise of the Innerpreneur

“Poetry Potion:On being human” (contributor)

An interview with Fussion Express to inspire Nigerian Youth

Interview with the Nation Newspaper


“I see”

“The Art of Mourning”

Article for  Arogya World 

Poetry on Pennwood Review

“Release” for the Forgotten Writers Women’s Domination Short Story Competition


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  1. I really enjoyed your interview with Lola.. You posed real life questions and she offered honest and practice answers that could aid anyone trying to define a career out of a rich bowl of academic & natural intelligence and wealth of talents. I am sure you enjoyed it so much observing from her response that you share much in common….attitude to life.

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